Scuderia Ferrari Club Andalucía

Scuderia Ferrari Club Andalucía

Be welcome to Scuderia Ferrari Club Andaucía. We are the Official Ferrari Fan Club so if you are a Tifosi , don´t dubt and join our great family.

As a member you will have right to:

  1. Carnet de socio personalizado con tu nombre y apellidos.
  2. Personal Membership Card.
  3. Ferrari Membership Card Rope .
  4. Official Ferrari F1 Notebook.
  5. Official Ferrari stickers set.
  6. Official Ferrari Folder
  7. Autographed photo of the Ferrari F1 Drivers.
  8. You would be able to participate in Ferrari Spa Events (Ferrari Racing Days, etc.)
  9. Ferrari Factory Tour (Travel expenses are not included).
  10. 20% off in Ferrari Store of Milan, Maranello, London…and 15% off in Ferrari Store
  11. You will have Tours Discount in: Maranello Ferrari Museum Modena Casa Natale de Enzo Ferrari and Torino Auto Museum.
  12. Special group prices for F1.
  13. Special princes in Ferrari Magazine suscriptions.
  14. Info from Scuderia Ferrari races and events.
  15. A membership into where you will be able to download wallpapers, photos and can use videochats functions.
  16. Welcome letter from the Scuderia´s Sporting Director, Massimo Rivola.

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